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Welcome to the Tsai Lab

Selected recent publications:

1. Williams, J.M., Chen, Y-J*, Cho, W-J, Tai, A.W., and Tsai, B*. (2023) Reticulons promote formation of ER-derived double-membrane vesicles that facilitate SARS-CoV-2 replication. Journal of Cell Biology 7, e202203060. *co-corresponding authors

2. Harwood, M.C.*, Woo, T.*, Takeo, Y., Dimaio, D., and Tsai, B. (2023) HPV is a cargo for the COPI sorting complex during virus entry. Science Advances 9, e101126. * co-corresponding authors

3. Spriggs, C.C*., Cha, G., Li, J., and Tsai, B*. (2022) Components of the LINC and NPC Complexes coordinately target and translocate a virus into the nucleus to promote infection. PLoS Pathogens 18, e1010824. * co-corresponding authors

4.  Bagchi, P*., Speckhart, K*., Kennedy, A., Tai, A.W., and Tsai, B. (2022) A specific EMC subunit supports Dengue virus infection by promoting virus membrane fusion essential for cytosolic genome delivery. PLoS Pathogens 18, e1010717. * equal contribution

5. Chen, Y-J*., Knupp, J*., Arunagiri, A., Haataja, L., Arvan, P., and Tsai, B. (2021) PGRMC1 acts as a size-selective cargo receptor to drive ER-phagic clearance of mutant prohormones. Nature Communications 12, 5991. * equal contribution

6. Bagchi, P*., Liu, X*., Cho, W.J., and Tsai, B. (2021). Lunapark-dependent formation of a virus-induced ER exit site contains multi-tubular ER junctions that promote viral ER-to-cytosol escape. Cell Reports 37, 110077. * equal contribution   

7. Harwood, M.C.*, Dupzyk, A.*, Inoue, T., DiMaio, D., and Tsai, B. (2020). p120 catenin recruits HPV to g-secretase to promote virus infection. PLoS Pathogens. * equal contribution

8. Spriggs, C.C., Badieyan, S., Verhey, K.J., Cianfrocco, M.A.*, and Tsai, B*. (2020). Golgi-associated BICD adaptors couple ER membrane penetration and disassembly of a viral cargo. Journal of Cell Biology 219, pii: e201908099. *co-corresponding authors

9. Bagchi, P*., Torres, M., Qi, L., and Tsai, B*. (2020). Selective EMC subunits act as molecular tethers of intracellular organelles exploited during viral entry. Nature Communications 11, 1127. *co-corresponding authors

10. Chen, Y-J., Williams, J. M., Arvan, P., and Tsai, B. (2020). Reticulon protects the integrity of the ER membrane during ER escape of large macromolecular protein complexes. Journal of Cell Biology 219, pii: e201908182.

11. Cunningham, C.N., Williams, J.M., Knoop, J., Arunagiri, A., Arvan, P*., and Tsai, B*. (2019). Cells deploy a two-pronged strategy to rectify misfolded proinsulin aggregates. Molecular Cell 75, 442-456 *co-corresponding authors

12. Lin, D.L., Inoue, T., Chen, Y-J., Chang, A, Tsai, B*., and Tai, A.W*. (2019). The ER Membrane Protein Complex promotes biogenesis of dengue and Zika virus non-structural multi-pass transmembrane proteins to support virus infection. Cell Reports, 27, 1666-1674. *co-corresponding authors

13. Inoue, T., Zhang, P., Zhang, W., Goodner-Bingham, K., Dupzyk, A., DiMaio, D*., Tsai, B*. (2018). g-secretase promotes membrane insertion of the human papillomavirus L2 capsid protein during virus infection. Journal of Cell Biology, 217, 3545-3559. *co-corresponding authors

14. Inoue, T*., and Tsai, B*. (2017). Regulated Erlin-dependent release of the B12 transmembrane J-protein promotes ER membrane penetration of a non-enveloped virus. PLoS Pathogens 13, e1006439. *co-corresponding authors 

15. Ravindran, M.S., Engelke, M.F., Verhey, K.J., and Tsai, B. (2017). Exploiting the kinesin-1molecular motor to generate a virus membrane penetration site. Nature Communications 8, 15496.

16.Bagchi, P., Inoue, T., and Tsai, B. (2016). EMC1-dependent stabilization drives membrane penetration of a partially destabilized non-enveloped virus. eLife pii: e21470.

17. Ravindran, M.S., Bagchi, P., Inoue, T., and Tsai, B. (2015). A non-enveloped virus hijacks host disaggregation machinery to translocate across the endoplasmic reticulum membrane. PLoS Pathogens 11, e1005086. 

18. Walczak, C.P., Ravindran, M.S., Inoue, T., and Tsai, B. (2014). A cytosolic chaperone complexes with dynamic membrane J-proteins and mobilizes a nonenveloped virus out of the endoplasmic reticulum. PLoS Pathogens 10, e1004007.